Sunday, 25 September 2011

A day at the farmers' market

Spent a beautiful Sunday morning checking out the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. I never knew the Adelaide Showground was this huge. The last time I was there, it was for a completely different reason. I discovered about the market when I was flipping through the Adelaide food guide by The Advertiser at the library. In the book, there was a section on the various farmers' market around Adelaide. Apparently there are 3 major farmers' markets (Willunga, Barossa, Showground)  and many smaller ones in Adelaide. Hopefully by the time I graduate, I'll have been to all of them. 

The sheltered area of the market
I was there at half past eleven and the crowd was pretty decent. Lots of families with young children in tow. There are 2 areas in the market. The indoor area is where most of the dried goods and bread stalls are at. There is also a cooking demo area where I managed to try some cold Vietnamese veggie rolls that the chef from Hilton was preparing. Outside, you'll be able to find all the fruits and vegetable stalls. 

The first thing I noticed at every stalls was that there were 2 different prices for the same item. Apparently you can become a member of the market and receive discounts. For more info about their membership check out their website

Freshly shucked oysters. $14 a dozen.

Outdoor area of the market
One thing you'll notice about the fruit and vegetable stalls is that the sellers grew the produce themselves. I overheard a guy telling his customer about when he harvested his celeries and what produce are in season. Since spring has just recently dawn upon us, the market was brimming with all kinds of vegetables. All the produce were reasonably priced and pretty much comparable with the Central Market in the city. 

Most stall place out samples of their products where you can try them out. All the stallholders I met were forthcoming about their products and were more than happy to let you taste test them. I enjoyed going up to most of the stall, interacting with the owners and learning more about what they were selling. I could sense a close knit community between the various stallholders as well as their regular customers. Overall, I had a wonderful time at the market and would definitely come back again. I just love supporting small businesses like these given how they provide a personal touch you can't find in a supermarket. 

A cute sign I spotted at the Bush Tucker Ice Cream stall
Every Sunday 9am — 1pm
Adelaide Showground, Leader Street, Goodwood

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