Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sadaharu Aoki's caramel tart

First of all, I'll have to admit that I've never tried anything from Sadaharu Aoki so I can't compare the original but from what I made, this has got to be one of the tastiest chocolate caramel tart I've had. Now, if you don't know me well, I have this thing for chocolate, caramel and biscuits. I've made a simillar tart once before, click here see my other chocolate caramel tart creation. Compared to that, this tart by Mr Aoki is heaps better. Maybe it's the fact that he used milk chocolate instead of dark. Maybe it's the use of a mousse instead of a ganache which makes the tart taste so much lighter on the palate. Maybe it's the addition of glucose to make the caramel all nice and gooey. And with only 3 components, it's a breeze to make.

Compared to Aoki's masterpiece, mine looks like crap. Literally. I reckon my large pipping tip was the reason why it resembles dog poo. Poopers. It took me a few attempts to get the swirl right so I suggest you practice on one tart first before pipping the rest. Start from the outer circumference and swirl your way into the centre. Don't forget a final dusting of some dutched cocoa powder to complete the look.

Tarte au caramel by Sadaharu Aoki. Recipe from Marie Claire
Serves 4


Sweet pastry 
100g butter
60g icing sugar
20g ground almonds
1 egg yolk
2 g salt
170 g flour

70 g sugar
70 g glucose
70 g cream
30 g salted butter
2 vanilla

Chocolate mousse 
60 g cream
110 g milk chocolate
90 g whipped cream


Make the caramel by boiling cream, vanilla and butter, then add the glucose . In a separate pot, cook the sugar to 170 ° C before pouring in the cream mixture.

Make the dough by mixing in order: butter, almond powder, icing sugar, salt, eggs and flour without overworking the mixture. Refrigerate in film. Line a mold of 20 cm in diameter with the dough. Garnish with parchment paper and dried beans. Bake at 160 ° C. Remove the paper and beans. Garnish with salted caramel. Smooth.

Make the chocolate mousse by pouring the boiled cream over the crushed chocolate. Mix. Fold in whipped cream. Allow 3 H in the refrigerator.


  1. How long do you bake the tart for?

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