Friday, 10 February 2012


I started this blog with the hopes of sharing my pictures with the Foodgawker community but so far ALL my submissions have been rejected. And there I was feeling so positive about my photos whenever I submitted them only to get rejected not once.. nor twice.. but 9 times!

Here are the various reasons they have given as to why my photos aren't good enough for them:
  • Lighting/exposure issues
  • Composition - awkward angle
  • Composition - too tight
  • Photo/food composition
  • Low lighting and/or underexposed
  • Harsh lighting and/or overexposed

While I do agree with most of their opinions, I just can't phantom why they have rejected some of my submissions even with the reasons provided. When I first started out, I tried to keep photoshopping to a minimum, contented with the auto adjustment function. But after each and every rejection, I started fine tuning my pictures with whatever amateur photoshop skills I had. 

Another reason for my unFoodgawker-worthy pictures is that they demand a 250x250 image. Which means cropping away a well composed picture. I prefer composing my photo on the camera thus I zoom in rather than crop out. This posed a lot of problem for me as many of the pictures were taken before I started this blog. These days, I'll take a few far angle shots just so that I can crop out a square image on the computer. 

So Foodgawker, it'll only be a matter of time before you accept one of my submission. In the mean time, I'll just gawk over the published photos and learn as much as I can from my fellow food bloggers. 

my study desk becomes a make-shift studio
Natural light? Check.
Background? Check.
Props? Check. 


  1. Hello,

    Landed here via a search for "Composition - awkward angle"...yup, looking up details of the reason for foodgawker rejection :)

    It took me months before I got my first food photo published on foodgawker, and I have to say it had me skipping with joy! "Success is counted sweetest" and all that :)

    Best wishes for your photos. Aiming for a square composition and zooming out, as you're doing, should be half the battle won.

  2. Hey there!
    Just to let you know, 2 of my pictures have been accepted by Foodgawker after I wrote this post. It took me 10 tries before I finally got in.
    And I must agree with you. I was jumping with joy when I saw my picture on the homepage of Foodgawker :)